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Deflector Line

The new Deflector Line fully encapsulates the ambitious design parameters that the X-Treme engineers defined during the system design phase, thanks to the important collaboration with several sound technicians, musicians and mere music lovers, who collaborate with the company's R&D department daily.
Above all, the design staff set the target of obtaining a line of products that had to be light and manageable but, at the same time, had a reinforced structure; what is more, they wanted to create speakers that had a chassis in wood, reproduced “clear” sound, were totally free from vibrations and able to reach a high level of SPL, while guaranteeing uniform, rich and well balanced sound in all conditions.

Well, the tangible proofs of the conformity of the Deflector Line to such pretentious specifications are clear to any observer even before listening to the various systems and therefore “liberating” the surprising power of these speakers - up to 800+800 W RMS for the bi-amplified modules and as much as 1600 W RMS for the self-powered subwoofers.
The 15 mm cabinet in Canadian birch plywood, the internal strengthening brackets for the suspension system in 420ML iron alloy, the handy aluminium flying tracks positioned on the top and bottom of the speakers, the double grip ergonomic handles, the grid that is “transparent” to the emitted sound (in actual fact, it does not obstruct the holes of the internal sponge) and is fixed to the chassis with threaded counter-sunk screws in the specific bushings sunken into the wood, the neodymium loudspeakers with 4” coil with fiber glass support to cope with even the highest temperatures with continuity and safety, the innovative AWSH™ (Acoustic Wave Shaped Horn) but, above all, the curved deflector with proprietary technology connected to the cabinet (designed to control the air flow both inside and out) take this extraordinary series of high-end audio products to heights that have never been reached before in sound reinforcement for this segment of the market.

Deflector Line Subwoofers

The new model XTDS15 and XTDS18 subwoofers, with pass-band configuration, have been both physically and acoustically designed to offer the very best performance – and, therefore, the peak of energy developed – at around 90 Hz: thus, they are very compact and fast subwoofers, designed to obtain a high gain/size ratio.
The internal reinforcement cross cages increase resistance to even the most critical and long-term stress endured by the 15 mm Canadian birch plywood cabinet.
Each model can be easily stacked either with the same type of elements to create vertical sub clusters, or with the upper modules associated with it: model XTD12 can be paired with the 15” sub and models XTD15 and XTD1015 with the 18” sub.
Moreover the possibility of supplying the 1600 Watt of digital amplification offered by the self-powered XTDS15/A and XTDS18/A models is truly remarkable: with these power reserves, a crystal clear, rich and potentially much more penetrating sound can be obtained from a relatively small unit.
In short, perfect sound from perfect subwoofers.

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