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 Total Quality Management (TQM)

Quality is a combination of the property and features of a product, which adds to this the capacity to satisfy a client’s expressed or implicit needs.” (definition from ISO 8402).

The X-Treme division’s Quality Assurance is the combination of those (systematic, deliberate and planned) actions necessary to provide adequate trust, so that the processes and services provided by the whole business field satisfy the needs requested by exigent clients such as service staff, installers, sound engineers, sound broadcasting companies, musical event organizers, etc…

The concept of Total Quality
TQM (Total Quality Management) is a management philosophy that distinguishes and guides the Quality Control processes in the Sound Corporation group’s touring & concert sound division, and therefore manages all of X-Treme’s brands. TQM, developed in Japan in the early 1980s, can be defined as a way of leading an organization, focused on quality, based on the participation of all its members and facing long-term success through the “complete satisfaction of the end customer”.

Since its very beginning (in 2001), this approach has characterized the creation philosophy of X-Treme‘s products and is today one of these audio systems’ strong points. In actual fact, the business unit’s design has, for some time, been going beyond the rigid and obsolete quality approach rules, which are based on final inspections or technical reliability statistics. They also have extremely innovative concepts of “control in process” management, such as interfunctional processes, continuous improvement (“Kaizen”) and prizes for quality, which they impose on themselves and everyone involved, both within the business strategy area and outside of it.

It is for this reason that, during the manufacturing and assembly processes, quality control tests (dimensional, visual, etc…) are carried out by agents and, upon request, quality control management, who leave evidence on accompanying documents as well as the identification of goods-in-process and specific details.

Special features of X-Treme TQM:

 • Process vision;
 • Involvement of all personnel (also top management);
 • Continuous improvement (“Kaizen”);
 • Customer satisfaction;
 • Culture and project philosophy aiming towards total quality

In conclusion, it can be confirmed that products of the X-Treme brand are state-of-the-art in sound diffusion for concerts, live and other music events since, due to the above-mentioned TQM approach, they tend to be positioned in the area of excellence, whose aim is to reach a fault level of almost zero.

"TQM is a philosophy of continuous quality management through total employee involvement, kaizen and process vision, and above all, meeting the expectations of the customer with quality".
S. Nakajima – One of the greatest experts in TQM worldwide

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