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The MISI™ (MIddle-SIzed line array) audio system contains all the know-how acquired by the X-Treme SBU (Strategic Business Unit).
The entire organization has always aimed to build the best loudspeaker systems available in professional audio and special efforts have been made to design this sound reinforcement system.
This is recognizable in any of its characteristics: the high sustainable power (despite the small size of the various units), the remarkable sound pressure generated (the sensitivity of a XTMISI element is close to that of the “big” XTLSA line array) and finally a very fast response speed, which is unique in the current state-of-the-art for the professional audio market.
While always looking towards technological innovation, X-Treme engineers have focused mainly on a design-related requirement: an extraordinary compactness, along with an inevitable fascination of the vertical line array system.
Such a technical-emotional mix has generated a sound system that, in all respects, has gone beyond our most ambitious expectations: a 900 W RMS line array module and a 2400 W RMS subwoofer, both only 82 cm wide! From a technical point of view, this is the result of a perfect interaction between components and cabinets, from small-sized furniture to carefully distributed masses and volumes.
From an emotional perspective, it is a successful combination of power and high definition.

The XTMISI model, designed in a compact size, is a wide band system made up of a 10” woofer tuned according to a balanced symmetric anti-distortion configuration (which reduces distortions to a minimum, shows a drastic “natural” cut of the frequency response just below 200 Hz and allows the recovery of no less than 3 liters of volume), a 10” mid-range in a closed enclosure (designed for avoiding any direct reflection on the loudspeaker and equipped with amazing dynamics, in spite of its small dimensions) and a new concept aluminium waveguide horn (EIWD™ - proprietary technology) containing two 1” tweeters.
This line array module can be used without a subwoofer in many of its applications, but, if an extension is required at ultra-low frequencies, the XTMISI unit can be integrated with a floor-aligned or suspended XTMISIS, which consists of a high performance pass band subwoofer, equipped with two high power and long throw 18” loudspeakers within a width of just 82 cm! What is more, the XTMISIS has been designed to minimize internal symmetries with a 15 mm thick reinforcement cage in the Canadian birch plywood cabinet: as a result, it perfectly complements the XTMISI module, as it generates a marked depth and a widespread roundness in the reproduction of the subsonic frequency spectrum.

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